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Terms of use

The electronic filing of patent has been developed by the Commerce Department and provides an easy to use user interface.

The system allows you to fill in an application for the grant of a patent and to attach relevant documents and images. The minimum requirements for the application are marked as mandatory in order to facilitate the online application process.

On submitting the online patent application, the reference number will be automatically allocated to the electronic filing. Fees are non-refundable and do not guarantee the grant of your patent. Requests for amendments to any application submitted incur an administration fee.

In order for the electronic filing of patents to be used, it is necessary that the following minimum specifications are met:

  • Internet browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9+, Firefox version 10+, as well as Google Chrome version 11+;
  • Operating system - Windows, Linux or Mac (Safari 3+), which support the cited versions of Internet browsers.

The Commerce Department does not assume liability for technical failures on the part of the applicant which would impede the filing of patent applications electronically. Applications may also be filed at the Industrial Property Registration Directorate, Commerce Department by mail or by hand.

Any false statements, misrepresentation or concealment of material fact on this form or any document presented in support of this application may be grounds for criminal prosecution.

The Commerce Department within the Ministry for the Economy, European Funds and Lands, collects and processes the personal data provided in this application to carry out its lawful functions under the Patents & Designs Act [Cap. 417].

All personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and all current Data Protection legislation, the Patents & Designs Act [Cap. 417] and the Data Privacy Policy of the Department, a copy of which is available on our website.

Personal data provided in this application will only be shared with third parties according to the law.

  • Save time by using the 5 step wizard.
  • When applying for your patent, you will need to provide a list of product indications on which you intend to use your patent.
  • Ensure you have access to your email.
  • You can save your application at any time during the process.